We took some pictures here to get them framed after hearing about this place from friends. I believe that you should get better framing for your pictures as the frames will last a lifetime and why not get the best. They have such a variety of frames you can find anything you want. The clerks are very helpful in helping you find the size and type of frame you want. I am not into art in a big way but I do enjoy seeing nice looking art on my walls. With their help I was able to accomplish that feat.

Carol, Las Vegas

Monster art and framing gallery is an amazing place, they have a state of the art facility and they buy, sell, and trade art. They also offer needle work, creative matting and conservation framing. Also if you are a designer you will receive a discount. This truly a one of a kind place and experience. I love going to their gallery.

Lisa, Las Vegas

This is a great place to have pictures framed, and also to buy interestingly framed art. They can do amazing things with personal mementos. Lot of interesting, artistic ideas. Good prices too.

Marlene, Las Vegas

I often have work done at this Frame & Art Gallery…and ALWAYS HAVE EXCELLENT SERVICE. I’ve recommended it to many other artists.


1175 American Pacific suite A Henderson, NV. 89074  (702) 568-0899