Glazing, or glass, is a very important element to the frame package, as it is the barrier that will protect the visible parts of your artwork. Monster uses Crescent, Tru Vue, and Acrylic glazing products to enhance, protect, and beautify of all things framed and displayed, so that they can be enjoyed for years to come. You will find helpful details on our UV protection, as well as our anti-reflective glazing solutions. There are glazing products that work well within any lighting or viewing environment.

Reflection Control

Glass can act like a mirror, causing glare and distracting viewers from the works of art on display.  Reflection Control glass is chemically finished to scatter light as it strikes the glass.  This subtle, matte-like treatment protects artwork from unwanted glare or distortion. This surface provides glare-free viewing without UV protection.

When To Use:
Can be used with up to two mats away from artwork without significant resolution loss


Premium Clear

Artwork deserves the highest quality regular glass available and you can find it with Premium Clear framing glass.  This quality is durable glass to showcase your artwork.

When To Use:
Works well in any presentation hang in a controlled lighting environment


Museum Glass

Museum Glass is the highest quality anti-reflective picture framing glass available in the industry. The ultra protective, nearly invisible finish protects against 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays and has the highest light transmission along with the lowest reflection rating of any other glass product.

When To Use:
Any artwork that would benefit from reflection-free viewing with UV protection
Shadow boxes, multiple mat, or deep framing projects


Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic sheets (plexiglass) eliminate the risk of shattered glass and is much lighter-weight, which means less stress on your hanging hardware. UV-filtering Acrylic is also available to protect your valuable artwork, lithographs, or photographs from sun exposure. UV acrylic filters 98% of harmful ultraviolet rays.

When To Use:
Large-scale framing projects – ideal for sizes over 40″x60″
Shadow boxes


AR Reflection-Free

AR Reflection-Free Glass contains the highest brightness and contrast levels available.  This surface provides the best reflection-free viewing available by allowing optimal clarity for true color transmission.  The result is consistent, reflection-free viewing without UV protection.

When To Use:
Any artwork that would benefit from reflection-free viewing
Shadow boxes, multiple mats, or deep framing projects


Conservation Clear

Conservation Clear framing glass with 99% UV protection helps protect art from fading by blocking harmful indoor and outdoor light rays, preserving art for years longer than regular glass. This finish enhances true colors and shields art from fading without glare protection.

When To Use:
Works well with all framing applications
Can be used with any number of mats


Conservation Reflection Control

Conservation Reflection Control with 99% UV Protection is finished on only one side to provide the best resolution and clarity without distortion while reducing glare. This matte-like finish enhances the beauty of the artwork while protecting the piece. Additionally, the UV protection helps protect fading and discoloration caused by harmful light rays.

When To Use:
Can be used with up to two mats away from artwork without significant resolution loss