Attractive as well as functional, the matting is a key element in your frame design. By creating air space between the face of the artwork and the glass, the mat helps eliminate potential issues, particularly for framed pieces in humid climates. For instance, if a photograph is framed in direct contact with the glass, condensation caused by humidity could soften the photos emulsion enough that it adheres to the glass, causing irreversible damage to the photo. The space created by the mat will prevent this while also providing structural support for the artwork.

The mats can also provide several design qualities that will enhance the art. The addition of a mat serves to provide size, color, and depth. Multiple mats add even more depth, giving the framed piece a three-dimensional look. Wider mats create breathing space between the art and frame, keeping the frame from overpowering the art. While neutral mats are adequate in some instances, mats come in a tremendous array of colors and textures, all of which will help the art to fit into its surroundings. To further coordinate with your décor, a wide variety of fabrics can be used to wrap the mat, creating something truly unique that you wont find anywhere else.

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